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Leave Tetris in the two-dimensional dust. Slide, spin, and force-drop falling blocks in full 3D! Build rows across the grid to clear lines, make combos, and score points.
Own this amazing app for only $0.99! Play Fragmental 3D on all iOS devices: iPad, iPhone, & iTouch! Buy the full version today, or try the limited free version.
Game modes for every type of player. Go as fast as you can, as long as you can, or battle
ever-increasing speeds! Begin games at any skill level.
Dominate the OpenFeint leaderboards. Take top ranks on the world-wide leaderboard system, and earn big acheivement points! Also supports Game Center.
Can you handle the challenge? Only the best players can master Fragmental's full 3D action
and mind-melting speeds. Put your skills to the test.x
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